Saturday, 9 August 2014

What to wear: at the races

This post comes because next Saturday I will be attending the Ladies Race Day in my home town Newbury. So, of course with just a week to go, the big question 'What do I wear?' has come to mind. 

Newbury races is a funny one. It is a lot more casual than what you see and hear about Ascot, you can count the number of hats and fascinators you'll see on one hand. There are no rules on skirt lengths and dress straps. What people tend to wear is simular to a night out or a wedding - a standard dress and heels kinda thing.

I am unfortunately to poor to buy anything new for this occasion, but here are a few dresses I have put together for your inspiration.

This post has made me really excited now. Unlike normal race events, Newbury races have a tradition of ending the day's event with a music concert. The year before last, I took my little sister to see Jessie J, my boyfriend, brother and his girl friend saw Rita Ora last year and this Saturday its a night of music with Pete Tong and Annie Mac from Radio 1.

Watch this space to see my post of the day it's self and what I wore.

Lotta Love
Hanna xx

Tuesday, 15 July 2014


 So just now I was shopping as normal on TOPSHOP when I noticed in the top right hand corner the website was telling me the weather.

Being a 'fashion' site, I did double take and think "why is Topshop telling me what the weather is?" I then saw it said 'SHOP FOR OVERCAST' clicking the link the site took me a brand new page with fashion ideas for the overcast weather. 

I thought this was genius! Not only does it give great shopping advice, but even better I thought was the new styling advice I was being given - now when I don't know what to wear because of the weather I can just ask Topshop to tell me, and I can then interrupt it's suggestions with the pieces I already have in my wardrobe - great for those early mornings when my brain has quite switched on!

thanks Topshop!

Monday, 14 July 2014


All available at

Motel is by far my favourite place for nostalgia prints right now. Everything just reminds me of those early 90's grunge days, when I wished I was old enough to buy my own clothes, and didn't have to relay on the neighbours hand-me-downs.I am particularly smitten with the Sunflower print and found it hard to narrow it down to just these 3 piece, there is an amazing playsuit that I still, can't stop thinking of.

These pieces at Motel are the ultimate summer staples. All you need to do is chuck on a pair of Doc Martens and your already - perfect effortless style! Or if it still below 20 degrees add a t-shirt underneath for the ultimate grunge look and a leather jacket.

 The prints I've featured above are:

Have you brought anything from Motel recently? Do you have a favourite print?
I've just realised I've also missed out the Sunflower print Bikini which I absolutely love!!



Today was the first time I had the chance to explore the village, since moving in 3 weeks ago.
Though I've visited Hungerford a lot previously it felt different now this is where I live. I must add - Hungerford is technically a town, but compared to the town I've come from, I feel like 'City girl moved to the country'

 Hungerford has a huge tourist attraction because of it's amazing antique shopping arcades. These were of course on top of my list to visit today, moving into a new place is the perfect excuse to buy lots of new homey gifts for myself.

 couldn't resist these vintage print cushions!

Cool vintage Chanel prints and even more amazing vintage Chanel earrings!!

Book warm heaven!

Love these old milestones.

 Cute streets, these building is actually the village dentist!

Back home I had to buy the Gil Elvgren inspired print cushions. They fit perfect with my 'retro' look that I am trying to achieve!
The nightlife in Hungerford is null and void. Everywhere shuts at 12 even the kehab shop switches all the cookers off at half 11, which is good for my liver and purse but not so great for my social skills. Considering the 'villageness' of the town there definitely is a young crowd in the town which I like, and I hope to make some new village friends soon! If you live in the area let me know! lets do a meet up!

Lotta love Hanna xx

Sunday, 13 July 2014


TOPSHOP have gone huge on co-ords for the new season, and they have made them super easy to shop. Clicking on the 'Love Co-rds, crops and dungarees' icon on the homepage, it takes you straight to the selected items which can all be worn perfectly with each other (co-ord or not). And what makes it really easy you can buy the completed co-ord outfit in one click!

These are some of best I've selected, I particularity love the top and skirt combos:

Shop these and more buy clicking here for the TOPSHOP SITE: CO-ORDS! CROPS! DUNGAREES!

Do you have a favourite look? perhaps you've brought one already? let me know!

Lotta Love



This is first outfit in my new flat! Woo hoo! It's just a really quick post before I go exploring the new village I am living in (expect 'village life' post to follow). I haven't had the chance to experiment with lighting and bits yet so please bare with on the rubbish photo quality for now.

I fell in love with this Urban Outfitters skirt back in January but I was really poor and couldn't justify the £35 price tag, 6 months later I was in Urban Outfitters again flicking through their sales and found it for £15! yay!!

Lotta love!

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Lotta Love


I made a concious effort not long after my last blog post (March) to take a serious break from blogging. This time LIFE was taking it's toll and I really just had concentrate on it before I had mental break down! But now things are finally calm again and life is starting to set in it's new position, which is exciting, and I can't wait to get blogging again! 

During my break from blogging, there was lots happening which I am likely to back track on and share with you. The biggest change is I've moved house! (expect lots of house related blog posts soon) I've been holiday to Malta, plus had a quick getaway with friends which I'd love to share. Work is just as insane as ever and we will be launching our AW14 Collection in the next couple of weeks which is so so exciting! Seeing pieces I helped designed be made in to a garment and then selling out before it's even gone online is just amazing! (If your interested I work at Really Wild Clothing) I will also be working at this year's CLA Game Fair next weekend with work, it will be my first year and I have been told, it is the highlight for the company, we launch our new collection and the atmosphere is electric. I will of course be telling you all about it when I'm back.

I have so many blogging ideas, I really can't wait to get started! There will be a whole new life to my blog and new style of posts. So please watch this space for lots of exciting going ons!

Lotta Love!


Tuesday, 25 March 2014


My love for striped tops came from this film, and when I put on my crisp stripe top, I always like to think that I look at elegant and doll like as Winona Ryder does, but the truth is I'm far from it.

Girl Interrupted, is by far one of my favourite films. It is Based on the book (of the same name), of author Susanna Kaysen's 18-month stay at a mental hospital in the 1960s. She enter's the hospital because of her depression and an attempted suicide which she denies doing. The film continues from here, and introducing other amazing characters. Georgina is a pathological liar. Polly has been badly scarred by fire. Daisy (Brittany Murphy) won't eat in the presence of other people. Lisa (Angelina Jolie) is a sociopath, and the biggest influence on the other girls in the hospita, and has a history of escapes. It's my favourite role of Angelina Jolie ever. 

The styling however, is not typically 1960's, there is no mini skirts and beehives, Winona's character is the modern Audery Hepburn, Breton tops, men's shirts, tailored trousers and comfy loafers, her hair is also so elegant too, when ever I am dressing for work, I always like to try and capture this look, to me it's the ultimate feminine look.

But what do you think?

Thursday, 20 March 2014


Remember this scene from Edward Scisscorhands? Peg visiting Edward's castle in the hills dropping off her latest Avon Catalogue, though its no longer pastel colours and wool co-ords, the principle (earning a little extra cash) is still there, which is why I have recently become an Avon representative! Woohoo!!

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